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    With a brief announcement on 13 January 2015, Hagiorite elder Paisios (+1994), who before becoming a monk was named Arsenios Eznepides, was officially registered amongst the Saints of Orthodoxy. Link

      The Canonization of Elder Paisios the Hagiorite brings consolation to the faithful, at a moment where the situation in Greece proceeds from bad to worse. Our country, as was indicated in time by the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece in a proclamation "TO THE PEOPLE" is under foreign occupation:   "From a social side, it is attempted to overthrow circumstances and rights with an unprecedented argument: These measures are demanded by our lenders. We therefore declare that we are a country under occupation and are executing commands of our ruling lenders". Link-gr

     Anti-Greek people were needed, educated in contemporary Banking and Stock market practices using “legal” (according to the New Order) methods for seizing the labor of the poor (workers, lowly paid) and weak (ailing, pensioners, etc) to accomplish the “overturn”. (It was a slogan too! - in Greek). We are referring to the "learned" (well-read, educated), according to the expression of Saint Kosmas the Aetolian, who together with "learned" folks of other sciences (of either peaceful or war applications), are leading the entire planet to destruction: "The evil will come to you from the learned". (54th Prophecy) The evil has already begun, as the holy elder Paisios used to say: "Times are difficult, but we don’t realize it. We are asleep with our shoes on".

     Moreover, because Christians are the first who perceive what really goes on in the material and the spiritual realm, they will not be liked by the rulers: "They will be asking soon about Christians, like in older times they used to ask about political views!" (Elder Paisios, Archim. Christodoulos p. 222).   The holy elder Paisios also said: "There are many people now who pursue to destroy everything, family, youth, Church. To be interested now and worried about the condition, in which our nation is found, is a confession, because the State is going against the Divine Law". (Sayings B, Spiritual awakening. "Cursed be he who does the work of the Lord negligently") 

     His eminence metropolitan Ambrosios of Kalavryta, wrote on 24 April 2010: "In the past, enslavement of a country was only done with the force of arms! Meaning when a Country would lose a war, the victor would acquire the full territorial and national sovereignty and forced their will onto the conquered People. Likewise when we were subjugated by Germany during the Second World War because we were defeated by Hitler’s forces, our State was dismantled, the Government fled to the Middle East, and to our Country was imposed a Government of vassals and quislings, whose members like puppets undertook to serve the will of the Conqueror. Our national wealth, our production, the goods of the daily life, etc. of the “slaves” was going into the hands of the Germans... In our days, the war between Nations isn’t done exclusively with conventional weapons. Now there are other means and ways to conduct battles, such as for example financial war! The result is almost the same, which is enslavement, foreign occupation"...

     And he continued prophetically: "Finally after the elections of 2009, things became clearly visible: Greece is being led, with slow but steady steps, into bankruptcy! The invitation of the International Monetary Fund and the surrender of the management of our economy to the representatives of the IMF automatically signify the partial loss of our national sovereignty, meaning the beginning of an era of a DIFFERENT TYPE OF OCCUPATION! We are lead unfortunately into a condition of restricted national -not territorial- but national sovereignty, which occurred as an inevitable consequence of the financial war which was methodically waged against us. If you doubt this, I inform you that the first stipulation of the IMF is for the Greek citizens to not know of the agreements that are made with the Government".  Link-gr - also Link-gr  

     In a missive that was published in the “NEA” (NEWS) newspaper on Friday 13 August 2010, the music composer Mikis Theodorakis is more caustic: "I believe and can prove that it is not our financial crisis that led the Troika to our country, but that this is the result of an international conspiracy with agents being three banks, an American one and two European ones". And to awaken those who didn’t understand this, he ends his missive stressing that the country has suffered "the most satanic and destructive attack of all the ones that the Greek people have ever received until today. This is because they are simultaneously striking our body and soul, aiming to our total disintegration!" Link In the Lycabettus Theatre on July 29, 2010, he agitated the local and foreign interests: "We must be totally opposed. We have Foreign Occupation! They are foreign soldiers, dressed in suit and tie!"  video-gr

    Solely the simple examination of reality can bring despair and hopelessness to those lacking spiritual support. The Saint elder Paisios however, with his prophetic gift, knew that we are undergoing a temporal stage of tribulation: "Greece has suffered many storms, and was wronged greatly. But they will just be storms! Nothing will happen to Greece, because God loves her". The cause of the tribulations is the distancing from God and His Grace, either with our personal sins, or with our collective sins which we commit as a people. Saint elder Paisios said: "We had the fear of God, but lost it and didn’t leave it as inheritance to the next generation, therefore now we legalize abortions, civil marriages… When a person violates a commandment of the Bible, he, only, has the blame.  When however something that is against the commandments of the Bible becomes a law by the state, then the wrath of God falls on the entire nation, in order to discipline it". (

    The law that judges the nations is a spiritual one, as it is higher than the civil ones. So the Saint would advise: Build spiritual bases (foundations). Those bases (such as Monasteries and parishes) will drive out the foreign military Bases from Cyprus... The Cyprus problem is not political, in the background it is spiritual...  

     In Greece, obeying blindly and unconditionally the commandments of the European Union, we accept with the anti-discriminatory law the sin of homosexuality as a good thing, honoring the passions of the flesh... as virtues. Therefore instead of wanting what is good for us and seeking the protection of God, we draw away from it, approximating the secular view of the Europeans who obey the lord of darkness, because spiritual darkness means lack of distinction between good - bad και virtues - passions. Precisely the nearing to the lord of evil and the distancing from Christ forebodes new woes...

     Politicians are prime movers in the effort to overturn values, adding to their personal sins the collective ones that stray from the law of God, causing thus general harm. "Therefore I’m praying for a wind to come. To sweep all of them, politicians, etc., so that others come to rule, more honest ones. Ok, let the politician also build his mansion, don’t bother if he does. But he should also look after the interest of the land, the country; do something for the general good... Today’s politicians only care about their own personal interest. They have total disregard about the general good, the country, the State!" 

   Regarding the state of Occupation that led us like another Turkish rule, the holy elder’s words are timely: "The homeland is like a great mother. It covers with her wings all Greeks, so they can work, live peacefully, and worship their God. Can you imagine Turks being here? Going to your work or field in the morning, not knowing if you will return alive! To work, and have them come and forcefully take your labor… or your wife or your child. We Greeks went through this"... (Athanasiou Rakovali “Elder Paisios told me” p. 91) 

     Unfortunately there are still those “internationalists” that are supported by the centers of the New Order to preserve the occupied state of the country, the pauperization of the many for the interest of the few, and the promotion of pantheistic tenets instead of the God-given Orthodox faith. It appears therefore that the restoration of peacefulness won’t be coming to Greece any time soon, since most of those “striving” to restore it turn out to be transgressors of the commandments of Christ as soon as they get the chance (voting for example in favor of homosexuality), or even show hostility toward the homeland. That is how the members of the European parliament from Greek parties New Democracy, Elia (PASOK), POTAMI, voted against the war reparations from Germany to our country! Link-gr

     Even though it is hard to find ideal political figures in the known parties, let us remember what Saint Paisios advised before the elections when some visitors had gone to ask him what his view was, and whom, according to his opinion, they should vote for: - Look folks! Who is closer to the Church, who fights for it and who leads a life in accordance to what is says? Whomever you see being more benign and closer to the Church, vote for him. I’m not saying you should vote parties such as those that come out and call themselves Christian-Democrat, etc., because that’s wrong. We shouldn’t adhere to political parties. We should first love our Church, then our Country, and vote for those whom we see fighting for those two. You see, Makrygiannis and all the great heroes fought for those two and shed their blood. First for the faith and then for the country. That’s why we, today, should be grateful to them, for being free and not… slaves of the Turks, and should strive to bring such Greeks to power, who would shed their blood first toward faith and then toward the country. Today however we put people in Parliament to govern us whose record is very burdened. (From the book of Hieromonk Christodoulos Hagiorite «The elder Paisios»)

      Since nothing good can happen without God’s help, like He said Himself: "for without Me you can do nothing" (John 15:5), therefore the holy elder expected the salvation of the Nation to come from God. He said: "If God left the fate of the Nation to the politicians, we would be destroyed. But He leaves things a little, so that the intentions of everyone are revealed". ("Life of elder Paisios the Hagiorite", Hieromonk Isaac, p. 704).

    The faithful, when having their hope in God, don’t give too much regard to their vote, because they believe that, first of all, it is God who will change things, and not the vote. He will change them for sure, because the New World Order supporters by fighting against His law, they are fighting against God Himself. However, the faithful should also prove their piety the way the holy elder mentioned. They should do this without anxiety, since God looks at our intention, and not if the candidate we voted ended up failing our expectations. Moreover we should pray for our rulers, so they are well inclined to change for the better. 

     When someone indicated to the Saint:

- Well, elder, all of them (the political leaders) are Freemasons! What is going to happen?... Where will any good one be found?  The Saint replied:

- Now the question is not who is or isn’t, but who does not believe in it so much. Nowadays to become prime minister one must be a Mason… Let God give them repentance, and take them away… so there emerge new… Maccabees!!  (meaning Martyrs for the faith and the country. "Elder Paisios told me", p. 67)  

     The holy elder Paisios was always confident about God’s help toward Greece. He said that God would arrange things so that first the formerly hostile toward us Anglo-Americans are forced by the circumstances to deliver Constantinople to us, in agreement with the Russians, who will first have catered to empty it from the Muslim element:

- Well, elder, the Turks number ten million in the City... even if they deliver it to us, how will we manage to control it?

- They will transfer them across, to the other side. My thinking is telling me (he stressed “thinking”) that they will do it this way for the waters. So they are international... (Free navigation between the Aegean and the Blak Sea. "Elder Paisios told me", p. 77).

     The spiritual condition of the modern Troikans is analogous to that of Homer’s era, in which the ancient Trojans were controlling the straits like the Turks are doing now, who will try to imitate them and snatch, instead of the beautiful Helen, the beautiful Greek land! See the "Hiliarmeno" (1000-ship navy).

     Regarding the "Hexamilia" (which is mentioned by the prophecy of St Kosmas) he said that it concerns the issue of the continental shelf. Regarding the Turks who continuously make provocations he said: "The Turks... let them be. They have the koliva (memorial wheat) in their belt. They have them, they are carrying them"...

    Regarding the time when Turkey will be dissolved, no matter how many times we asked him and discussed it, he would never say it: "We don’t know this. God told us that He will show us signs. Things however are pointing in that direction"... ("Pilgrim Testimonies", p. 260).

     In the initial phase we will go to Constantinople as commissioners. "During the spring of 1993, we visited Elder Paisios. We asked him if a war with Turkey will occur, and the Elder said:

-Yes, a war will occur, and Turkey will be hit from the North. It will suffer an enormous disaster, but no Greek nostril will bleed. Regarding Constantinople, it will be governed by Russians, Greeks, and Europeans. This storm will reach as far as Israel, and then the Jews will realize their mistakes". ("Pilgrim Testimonies", Markos Gavriel, p. 278)

     The descent of the Russians to Constantinople is predicted in the 5th trumpet of the Apocalypse, but our country (Greece) will enter tribulations earlier with the Turks, regarding the 6 miles of the continental shelf. We are already in the 1st warning after the 4th trumpet, and when a 2nd strong warning occurs which will be a small illustration of the coming 3rd world war, then our turn will come. There are 3 warnings before the 5th trumpet, because the events after the descent of the Russians will not cease.

       48th  prophecy: "They will try to resolve it with the pen, but will not be able to. 99 times with war, and one time with the pen". Read the 3 WOES-gr. Those will lead to Armageddon, in the area of the Dead Sea, to punish again the sin of the PRIDE of the new Sodomites... (See "The Message of Hiroshima").    

      Many things are still to come before Constantinople becomes Greek for good. "First a pseudo-Roman (false Greek) will come. Do not believe in it, it will flee back". (saint Kosmas). The descent of the Russians there will happen while we are still under the process of “globalization”, and at first we won’t be going there permanently, which is perhaps why this era is labeled as “pseudo-Roman” by Saint Kosmas, so it is not confused with the rekindling of Orthodoxy and the truly Greek (Roman) administration which comes after the main battle between West and East for the control of the City, which occurs after "Armageddon". (See more about the 3rd World War in relationship to the Apocalypse).

       Let us have a little more patience, until the weakness of the remaining aspiring “saviors” or, speaking Biblically, until the proud Babylonian nous (mind, way of thinking) is humbled, and recognizes the dominion of the Most High on all people and on all rulers. This is because modern man, who lives the life of confusion that he constructed himself, forgetting God, is like Nebuchadnezzar who was resting on his accomplishments. So, just like God allowed to happen to him, the same thing is happening now, as we read in prophet Daniel (4th chapter):

     "You have grown and become strong; your greatness has grown and reaches to the heavens (comment: space travels) and your authority to the end of the earth". That’s why Nebuchadnezzar then, and the mind of the people in control (in administration, in science, etc.) of “New Babylon” now, are paralleled with a tree which "grew, and was strong, and its height reached to the sky, and its sight to the end of all the earth. The leaves of it were beautiful, and its fruit much, and in it was food for all..."

     Therefore to humble the modern Babylonian mind, who does not want God’s name to be heard but only its own, God allows all the greatness of the tree (of earthly wisdom) to be destroyed, and this is made known from an angel, now the angel of the Apocalypse of John. He predicts the destruction from the 3rd World War by the full of passions, extremely arrogant, modern man.

     But Daniel also says that the angel from Heaven said: "Cut the tree and destroy it"... There we have the prophecy that the tree is cut SYRIZA (Greek word meaning “from the root”, and the name of the political party who won the 2015 Greek elections). And its branches and its every piece is perhaps thrown in the nearest... POTAMI (Greek word for river, and the name of a new political party in parliament). However the commandment is to "leave the stump of its roots in the earth"... meaning without allowing the advance of destruction from the lurking RIZOSPASTIS... (Greek word for “root breaker” and the name of the Communist Party newspaper).

    Since Greece is the center of civilization which the hatred of the New World Order is preparing to destroy, whatever is happening in our country has its global analogy... and the names, similarly... 

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Monk Leontios Dionysiates

Holy Mount Athos, Greece

19/6-1-2015, Day of Theophany

Saint Paisios: The blood is still very hot...

    The case of Nigel Farage confirms the Saint's words in excess. The man responsible for Brexit, Mr. Farage, remembers not only the 2nd but also the 1st World War! 

    ("Discourses 2, Spiritual Awakening"). Testimony of Mr. Stauros Balidis, former commanding officer of the State Police on Mt. Athos: I remember once, when as police commander I was accompanying 3 foreign officials who wished to meet the "great ascetic Paisios", after having heard so much about him in their own country. One of them asked him about United Europe and received the following reply:

- The blood is still very hot... 

The officials were perplexed, not being able to understand his cryptic response. Afterwards, I asked him what was the meaning of 'the blood is still very hot', and he said:

- It is impossible -and this will become evident later on- for there ever to be (sincere) cooperation between British, French, Germans, Italians, Austrians etc. when there are still people who lost fathers and uncles in the Second World War. Is it ever possible to call each other "allies" and to mean it? We should not be shortsighted about things, nor should we look at them only in terms of the economy. Nationalism will surface (and there is no shortage of it where there is no Orthodoxy) and then...

Mr. Farage remembers not only the 2nd but also the 1st World War! And he is not a nationalist in the narrow sense, since his wife is German!


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