Thursday, July 28, 2005  


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Putin orders preventive strikes against terrorists
Moscow, July 27 (UNI) Russian President Vladimir Putin today asked security forces to carry out preventive strikes against terrorists.

''The measures taken by Russian security forces in the sphere of fighting terrorism must be of preventive nature,'' Mr Putin said addressing a meeting of top officials of the security services, army and law-enforcement agencies, in the Kremlin.

''We realize how serious the tasks before the security agencies are in Russia, especially the law enforcement bodies and Interior Ministry troops,'' he said stressing the recent events in the world confirmed that terrorism remained a major global threat.

''The recent blasts in London, the terrorist acts in Iraq, Turkey, Israel and Egypt, and the assaults on government officials in Chechnya, Dagestan, and other regions of Russia show that terrorism remains a major global threat,'' the Russian president said.

''In this respect, Russia will continue playing its important role in the joint fight against terrorism,'' he added.

Referring to the threats posed by militants in Chechnya, Mr Putin ordered that attempts by terrorists to hinder the restoration of normal life in Chechnya and destabilise the North Caucasus in general be resolutely curbed.

''The prevention of the terrorist threat is a special challenge for Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB),'' he said.

The Russian president ordered the armed forces to counter any attempts to put military-political pressure on the country.

''We are well aware that Russia must have all the effective instruments for guaranteeing its sovereignty and for maintaining the alignment of forces and strategic stability in the world,'' Mr Putin added.



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