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Egyptian experts say Mossad could be behind bombings
7/25/2005 3:12:00 PM GMT

Egyptians light candles and lay flowers in front of the destroyed Ghazala Garden Hotel

Several Egyptian security experts and political analysts said that the Mossad, Israel's spy agency, was behind Saturday's attacks on the Red Sea resort of Sharm al-Sheikh. 

Similar accusations were made against Israel in the past, particularly after last year's attack at the Taba Hotel in October and after the 9/11 attacks in the United States. 

Saturday's pre-dawn blasts killed more than 64 people, according to Egypt's health ministry, although hospital officials put the toll as high as 88.

Many Egyptian security officials said at least one car used in the bombings had special plates indicating it had come from the Israeli border at Taba on the Sinai peninsula.

On Saturday, Egypt's state-run television interviewed retired army general Fuad Allam, who said that he was confident that Israel played a key role in Sharm al-Sheikh bombings.

Fuad also said that investigations showed that the mastermind of the Taba attack, which killed more than 34 people, was a Palestinian "apparently linked to Israel's security forces."

He added: "I'm almost certain that Israel was also behind this attack because they want to undermine our government and deal a severe blow to our economy. The only ones who benefit from these attacks are the Israelis and the Americans."

Other Egyptian political figures and prominent journalists and editors  interviewed by Arabic TV channels made similar accusations. 

Dia Rashwan, a political expert, said that Israel is the only country that benefits from such attacks.

Dismissing the idea that "al-Qaeda" was behind the bombings, Rashwan explained: "We are giving al- Qaeda more credit than it deserves. What happened here negates the possibility that the attacks were carried out by ordinary elements. This is the work of an extraordinary element – one that benefits from such attacks. All the available details indicate that only the Israelis could have done this."

Majdi Birnawi, another security expert, said that the Mossad was behind the attacks. "I believe that Mossad or some other [Israeli] security organization carried out this attack," 

Birnawi said he believed the Sharm el-Sheikh bombings were related to the Taba attacks, in which 12 Israelis were killed. "Everyone knows that there are no Israelis in Sharm e-Sheikh," he said.

"There are only Western tourists there. That's why it's wrong to assume that the perpetrators were targeting Israelis."

Six Pakistani suspects

Meanwhile, news agencies reported that Egyptian police are searching for six Pakistani citizens in connection with Sharm el-Sheikh bombings.

They have distributed photographs of the six men.
The six wanted Pakistanis were staying at a hotel in Sharm al-Sheikh and had left their passports at the reception, police said.

Egyptian authorities have already arrested close to 100 people in connection with the attacks, and Interior Minister Habib al-Adly said investigators already had leads.

The deadly bombings were strongly condemned by the Egyptian public.

More than 1,000 Egyptian hotel workers, bedouin sheikhs and foreign dive school instructors rallied through Sharm el-Sheikh yesterday to denounce the attacks.

"There is no God but God and terrorism is the enemy of God," chanted the Egyptian protesters, including hotel chefs, technicians and road sweepers, as they marched along the main road of Sharm el-Sheikh.

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as i mentioned in my previous post,these could be mossad or cia kind of work.the egyptian should be more tactful in finding these source.anybody can be related and suspect.may the truth prevail.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           crazyhorse from crazyworld
who else is going to benefit from those bombs everywhere by raising hatred towards the s, a ler did to them they are repeating his crimes and they claim they are the victims, who else will benefit to raise hatred towards s everywhere in the world? for sure it is a professional work of the mossade, it is very obvious, not only egypt, london, and 911, let the media in the west open that door and expose their dyrty work do they dare?
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            Natasha from Canada
this evil mossad t be stopped. they are terrorists that targeting civilians and causing havoc in the middle east. the country that create mossad should be sanction by the un.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          Dino from South East Asia
seems like the whole world is going c ra zy and it was you mulas that started the all this te rr or izing. i hope you all r ,,ot in hell like your mo ham the pedd io phh ile..
Bad Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           arabs and ex lum from you created it
this is so lame. the arab media likes conspiracy theories so much even though they are ridiculous. the mossad is behind everything. it is behind the tzunami waves, behind the 9 11, behind the terror attacks in london, the madrid attack, the attack in istanbul etc. this is pathetic. you say the attack was done by a palestinian working with the mossad. yeah right. didn't you know that bin laden works for the mossad as well?
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         King from Israel
how any one can claim without any proof that pakistani's are behind this attack.if they were involved why they left their passports?they couldn't be any visitors living in the hotel.why do u think that pakistani's are behind every attack in the world,even if they are brisitsh born n just visited pakistan once ridiculous
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          Saad from Pakistan
once again a perfect example of how the arab world lives in constant denial and refuses to accept responsibility for anyhting that goes wrong. and mossad is probably behind ufos, jimmy hoffa's disappearance, and in partnership with the cia, jfk's m2urder. what a pathetic bunch of people. semper fi.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           zeek from usa
i really feel sorry for the majority of arabs who are leaving in a dream land and could not believe that the enemy can also be inside and from within own society. they have sadly always blamed others for the misfortune that they live in. was zarqawi who admitted executing the unarmed and innocent egyptian envoy in iraq is mossad? unless the arab face their problem as it is they will always live in their own misery.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          Sherzad from Iraq
i reported that israel and usa are behind these crimes since day one. its obvious that the only one who wants to kll arabs and mouslmeen is the jouse who h8t every thing that walk, talk, looks like arab.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            Ibrahim from Canada
will from london, why the hael do u come here then? all the articles that are being posted here have come from solid sources. dont u think if al posted lies, they would be sued? its reminicent of the boumbing that keeled rafik hareeri in lebanon. mossad used mirco nukes to keel the him and looks like its the same story here. like natasha said i dont see anyone gaining from this bloudy act other than mossad. these acts of ori sm are aimed solely at demo nisi ng the rightful struggle of the brave freedom fighters in iraq.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         Hassan from Australia
ibrahmim, if that is truly what you believe then i pity you. learn to embrace other cultures rather than spew forth innane, acidic comment at every opportunity. we are all human beings.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         Will from London
dear ibrahim, i would like add a bit more to ur post. the radical gooish reeleejun teaches that they are the chosen ones and it is only them that deserves to walk this earth. all other non goos are to die. this being their doctrine, how can u expect anything better than such acts? but there are also moderate goos that embrace co existence. but the sad end of the tale is that, the zionist state of israel is ruled by the far right. peace with these zionists are never possible, unless the left takes over. but chances are very of that ever happening.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         Hassan from Australia
if israelis did it, then why are police looking for pakistanis? also if the mossad did it, they would be smart enough not to use a truck that passed through the israeli border.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           ameeriklane from estonia
well my estonian friend the guy killed inlondon was suposedly also pakistani but he was brazilian and inocent.and i dont think mossad wright their name on trucks and move around.its a secret service like kgb double agents deception and soforth ok.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         Packman from Iran
hassan this article provides nothing factual whatsoever. it is purely speculative and offers nothing but accusations. that in itself is not libel, hence no lawsuit. this is the same for all articles on here. they are all written in a way to appeal to warped, racist and bitter people much like yourself. packman, this has nothing to do with the killing in london the man should have stopped when he was told to.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         Will from London
will, please spare us ur redundant posts. it this noos service is so bad, dont frequent it. that only shows ur hy po craecy. racists like urself are brain washed to such an extent that u people cannot comprehend the re a leety. how much safer is the uk now? do u feel safe to board a bus? all this would never have happened if the greedy oil thirsty zions did not intervene in iraq. wake up.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         Hassan from Australia
lavon, uss liberty, berlin all the work of mossad, and this is just another example of their murderous work
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            Adam from UK
i wish that a will keep this article for some time until the mystery is solved because i will enjoy seeing all these fanatics eat all their comments and words they spilled on this webb. natasha from canada says only jews will benefit from this inhumane crime. ibrahim says jews will anyone who walks,talks and looks like arab.isnt ghod merciful that these loonies did not study enough to be judges? ibrahim, jews do look like arabs.if they kill lookalikes, pals wont have a problem. the jews will eliminate themselves. for natasha, the jews have already benifited a lot from the egypptians. they have achieve a wonderful peace. and for egyptian security officials to say one car had special plates indicating it had comr from the israeli border at taba. sounds like inspector clusau. how hard is it to snatch a licence plate and put it on another car? wait till egypt asks us fbi and brits cid then this will be solved in no time. meanwhile, keep poing fingers at israelis and make us laugh more.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           John from Nevada ^ USA
there were goldenage "silverage " stoneage dinosour age. this is " b o m b age". you acn not know who is really bombing where. in lebanon in egypt in london in pakistan i ny they are going through on and on. there are no short of b o m b engineers. waht a wonderful davantage of technology and applied chemistry.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Dr.khan h from nederland
it is 100% sure what is being said for sure they are always and put the blame of so called quaida, at last some one had wake up, it is high time for other to wake up and get out of somke screen
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           nawab from india
hassam the zionist call center pays those racists to post here or they are war criminals themselves love and peace
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         free from patch
as long as egypt and the ahrib world looks for convenient excuses, as opposed to taking a good hard look at itself, it will continue to be stuck in the seventh century, and fall further behind the developed world.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          think about it from usa
yes of course, and after six two two it was jews who invaded jerusalem, maghreb, spain and whole midd east. keep well, always comfort. experts, lol.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          tom from ue
when will you wise up. isreal does not need to use shiacibe bimbers to blow people up. they use apache helicopters and f 16s. it is not the jews fault that insurgents or terrorists or whatever you want to call them blow up their own people. this place reports fantasy, not reality.
Bad Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           chaz from usa
oh children of isra ill dont cuz anymore mayham,or you will face the wrath of fairo very soon
Bad Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          hitler from germany
uhm, people israel and egypt have a peace agreement in place. they are working together to handle the crossings from egypt into the pal territory. the last thing that israel needs is to lose a friend. stop the conspirasee theorees and get some police on the scene to investigage.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          thinking clearly from america the free
where on earth do al ists get their information from ? nowhere have i come across any info about mossad's involvement. the latest is that the suspects were pakistanis.
Bad Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            raju from canada
replying to zeek, israel will not hesitate to take such action and kill this number of people to benefit just a little, and you can find this in many pages of israel history. i don not see big difference between this bombing and any other one in palestine.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                             Ahmed from Egypt
yes, definitely agencies of notorious countries behind london and egypt bombings. they are trying to provoke enimity and divisions. these agencies are heavily infiltrated by enemies of s and hence the shoot to kill policies in london of innocent s. the tinpot rulers are just taking advantage of the slaughter of innocents to consolidate more power.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           ali from uk
very strange that every thing is blamed on israel and the moussad. i remeber in 911 when every one was saying so until bin laden came out and commited that he did it although he lied at the begining. please be reasonable and fair.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          Truth from Egypt
the jews also organized the holocaust to garner world guilt and sympathy in order to achieve their ultimate goal of a homeland
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           spiike from canada
surely isrelis did it they want to change the government in egypt into something fundamentally y ic, rihgt. and obl is on their service, right? and brits did it in london, right? happy dreams, arhibs
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            bob from canada
this is realy . this just shows what everyone knows that arabs have absolutely no sense of reality.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            Nick from Denmark
i think the only logical question to ask after reading this story is are arabs in denial or just liars to the outside world? there is an evol element within your religion and society that you wither dont want to come to terms with or that you secretly support and are making excuses for. get arabs, israelis and americans do not blw themselves up to take out innocents, this is only done by religious fanatics who belive a great life awaits them on the other side. time and time again you make excuses for the behavior of your people, but kno this, anyone with half a brain laughs at your deflections and lies. anyone interested should look up the ezlmk morality on lying, its quite interesting. it is ok to lie to your enemy and its ok to lie if it benefits ezlm. google the ezlmk concept of taqiyya.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Eric from OHIO
chaz, john yes i agree u both laughing on urselves bcz its clear from ur comment and look how r they rated bad comment and very bad comment thats what i see ur comments are rated and besides that u arguing isent it surprising to see ? peace
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            shaak from pak
i laugh when arabs get killed. i love it. it is funny to me because they never want to cathc the bad guys, only blame israel. ok i say kill all arabs and s, men, women children, the whole species.
Bad Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            Alla from Alla
the egyptians found the bodies of the bombers and they went through dna identification. if the israelis are behind this you will know. if this expert has made a complete fool out of himself you will know as well.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                             nighty from israel
when are arabs going to wake up and stop blaming others for the lack of leadership in their communities? you arabs have a big problem with extremists. most of the attacks in the world today are either of arab or mew background. what does that tell you? does it tell you that unless you act to stop it now, the entire world is going to think you're murderers? your answer is to blame everybody but your selves. oh sure, everything is the us and isreal's fault. you give us too much credit here.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            arian from iranian american
hassen you completedly wrong there buddy..good example was the story about a 12yr boy being stabbed by isre turned out it wasn't isre but pal on pal violence between two family clans and the i witness was one of the keelers.this place buried that story deep and made no that arguement is worth less.the idea its mossad is the same because a group from previous attacks has claimed responsiblity.not only that but isres don't keel themselves and one of the bahms was a suicide bahm.if egyptain experts are saying this,then why did they arrest and hold 70 people over the weekend?so grow up.this place is nothing but anti isre all the way and whatever they think can discredit them the better, truth is not needed for airheada ribs to believe it.they only want to blame isre because so many egyptian muh.slimes died in it and now they look really bad,much like the insurgents keelin kids do now in iraq
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            unknown from usa
ahmed from egypt, but where is the proof that israel is tied to this, and why is your own government looking for several pakistani nationals who left their passports at the hotel? the point is that the me is always looking for ways to blames israel and the west for everything that goes wrong, but never acknowledges or admits that it might be one of your own responsible for this. semper fi.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          zeek from usa
what is sad is that people actually take this stuff seriouusly. it is just fairy tales. hassan a retired soldier and many unnamed soureces are in no way credible rebortiong. who facked checks? no one care swhat they repurt hear. that is why they were banned. becus of the foney one sided cheerleeding reporutring.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           jerry from usa
after reading this post, i am more certain than ever that mysloms and in particular arabs, are doomed to spend the next century in worse shape than the last. the depth of non sensical conspiracy theory that emerges from so called profesionals in the arab world is nothing short of embarassing. until the vast majority of arabs stand up and tell these crackpots to sh. ut up , that they are an embarassment to their faith and ethnicity and to seek reform within their own institutions, reigious, political and istic, they are doomed.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Peter from Canada
ok, this bombing involved a suicide attack. can someone please explain to me how the mossad could talk one of its own "godless" agents, who you yourselves have said, only believe in the almighty dollar, to blow themselves up? how much do you think they paid a mossad agent to commit suicide? try to be logical for just one second and see how rediculous you sound. these attacks have an obvious agenda which in no way benefits israel. everyone of these attacks was carried out for one of two purposes. the first, is to try to damage western economies, and the other goal is to drive a wedge between the west and mudslime countries who have good relations with the west. why do you think that obl chose to use saudis as the nine eleven hijackers? he could have picked anyone.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           LANCE ARMSTRONG from TEXAS
here we go again, no evidence just supposition, inuendo, whatever fits, guess work, no you fuls it was the wiggles, lead by dorothy the dinosaur, oh no not dorothy,not little dorothy she wouldnt do such an act, how about getting some facts, you know evidence eh uh oh, might actually have to do some work, might wait till the evidence has beeb compiled from the lebannon bumbings
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         patch from australia
who would have thought that in the eighties ronals regan was selling arms to the ayatolah khomeinis army via izi and iran was fighting iraq that was again being helped by america what?but its the wait lets be logical it didnt on earth would ronald regan be selling arms through izi to their sworn enemy how much do you have to pay them freedom loving peace spreading peoplep to create an iran contra affair.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         Packman from Iran
hassan you are comical. every post i have read of yours is racist, yet you accuse me of racism. please explain. as for how safe i feel, trust me, i feel very safe. if you think that a few extremists could upset the , then you are truly misguided. we endured years of bombings from hitler. this means nothing to us. i truly pity you, it is obvious the type of person you are from your posts.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         Will from London
hassan, i find it absolutely preposterous that you claim the sources here are solid and factual and then have the nerve to claim that will is brainwashed simply because he is skeptical. you are brainwashed, my friend. i have proof from solid sources that you are brainwashed. you also say raycist things about the nature of goos, which is wrong and you should be punished for it.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          Arab Media from ^
egypt is one of the few me countries that is progressive enough to recognize israel as a nation, and to work with them. they are tired of getting their s whipped in wars. the last thing israel would do is attack one of her most important allies.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          DRH from Canada
arabs have obviously taken on the identity of victimhood. this is a vicious downward spiral. as one become used to blaming everyone else for their problems, self reliance takes a back seat. instead of standing up and making changes, everyone else is to blame. true, arabs have been victimized in the past and continue to be victimized today in some instances. that being said, they have used this western excuse so long that they believe it explains all their woes. this victim mindset is now a major imprediment to their progress and allows internal problems to flourish unchecked. it is going to take quite a bit of change to pull their society out of this rut. i see no progress.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Eric from OHIO
who benifits from world terror?, experts in world terror, zionists thats all they know 50 years of practice. testing and selling sequrity equipment,selling, advising,and employment after service in army only.peace is the last thing israel wants
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         free from WAR CRIMES
it is very true that it is the best for the human ra ce to live peacefull side by side and it is also true that egypt is a nation at peace with izi oficially but we have to look at the reality that in egypt a lot of people are against this policy and in nations like saudi arabia and pakistan two other of americas allies we see as a fact that the governments are speaking the voice of the peopelof those countries althouugh those voices to me are evil voices calling for destruction and in other nations like iran the peopel are for relations with west but the government speaks the voice of saudis and pakistanis but the people speak egyptian policy still the reality remanis that such policy is ignoring the people and as a result definately some people get confused and conduct teror and with an advantage of western if we dont uproot the cause which is you choose it for youself then we will never win against teror.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         Packman from Iran
will from london, did you travel to work on the tube system this morning? did you see the armed officers? are you sure you weren't afraid cos i know plenty who are, colleagues are resigning so as not to have to travel into the city or central london, others are scared of sitting next to dark skinned people on the bus so scared in fact that soem will arrive in work 2 hours late because they were afraid to get on a packed bus, i think a few extremists have upset and changed many peoples way of life to say otherwise is to deny the obvious just like liar bliar is doing daily. hassan from oz, ignore will as he does not have a clue, to deny that the chaos is not a result of bliars and shrubbies me policies is the sign of soemone who is brainwashed just as bliar would like us all to be, thankfully that is not the case and bliar will have to face up to it sooner or later as you will,will you be joining the peace vigil tonight at stockwell station and rallying for our troops to be brought home?
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         pauline from uk
pauline, how do you explain the mudslime terrorism that plagued this planet long before your favorite whipping boys, blair and bush, ever took office?
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            Alex from USA
ignore my upper post i made some mistakes. it is very true that it is the best for the human ra ce to live peacefull side by side and it is also true that egypt is a nation at peace with izi oficially but we have to look at the reality that in egypt a lot of people are against this policy and in nations like saudi arabia and pakistan two other of americas allies we see as a fact that the governments are speaking the voice of america but the people are speaking teror and in other nations like iran the peopel are for relations with the west but the government speaks the voice of extremesem but the people speak egyptian policy. still the reality remanis that such policy is ignoring the people and as a result definately some people get confused and conduct teror and with an advantage of western if we dont uproot the cause which is you choose it for youself then we will never win against teror.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         Packman from Iran
alex, when was the last time the uk had a terror attack by those who worship the religion that is being villified by bliar and bush? when is the last time the uk was bombed by any terrorist, the last terror attack on the uk before bliars misadventure in iraq was the nail bombing on the admiral duncan oub in soho which was carried out by a white anglo saxon british man who didn't like gays. bliar provoked the people who now want to hurt london and its not like he wasn't warned this would happen, he knew very well what the consqquences of his attacking iraq would be and now its a nightmare come true and we are all suffering and scared
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         pauline from uk
i know this publication tries anything it can to deflect responsibility and creat confusion through miss information. however, egyption experts, have already captured and detained several involved. so to say egyptian experts blame mossad is both false and hurts this sources credability even amoung those who usually support this .
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            Gary from USA
mind like parachute work better when open confusious. bali, beirut and a man made tsunami. an eyewitness who survived the carriage blast stated the metal in the floor pointed up like madrid the blasts came from the outside. duped again. since when do suicide bombers buy return tickets. mind like parachute work better when open
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                             the Red Queen from the Fourth Reich
alex, before bush was elected in two thousand, there was no such thing as terrorism. all those memories of attacks before the year two thousand were artificial, and were planted directly into our brains by mossad.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           LANCE ARMSTRONG from TEXAS
pauline bali occured before iraq, if i remember some britishers died in that inferno, you just cannot accept that you support lowlives, watch what is happening in holland and europe the lowlives are absolutely terrified of the iraqi population 25 million actually expressing their views without fear, favour or intimidation, the lowlives will do anything to prevent the iraqi people from fulfilling their potential, they are jealous that the iraqi people can get off their instead of whinging and actually can stepforward and achieve benefits for their society and their country if you cant, dont want to believe this, why not let the people vote, they have already had one vote even those who abstained now realise perhaps they should have been part of the process, and still can be. iraq has everything going for it, assuming the lowlives are removed and it will be by the iraqi removing the lowlives that their potential will be met. jealousy is a curse, a curse which seems to infect you
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         patch from australia
hi gi goe man i am listening to elvis presley and having a drink its wonderfull. i think the solution to this problem is that america should seek non arab iran as her allie and ah give the persians the chance to revenge themselves from the arabs once and for all and crush the sunnis in iraq a harsh shia government is able to do so. oh if you would have let us we would have brought mayham over the afghans in nighty eight when they killed our diplomats.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         Packman from Iran
doesn't this belong in the "conspiracy theory" section? give me a break, egypt is far from being an enemy of the united states. in fact, its one of its few allies in that region. israel is already getting a lot of pressure from the united states due to the palestinian situation. there is no one to benefit from the murder of civilians except those who seek change in politics by means of terror, rather than diplomacy.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          Frankster from Miami FL
policies of entity we know as isr should always be questioned if people of isr poison land purposefully if they cant have noone can have it purposefully shoot children set up poisononous x ray machines doze homes really too too many atrocities to name not only in palestine but proven govt deceptions as well as terrorist activities worlwide all condoned and abetted by their govt their noncompliance with un resolutions i for one wouldnt put anything past this despicable entity they like to create a little chaos a little havoc and then quietly sit back and let dust settle to see what develops they know they can create whatever and blame queda or whomever all action is to their advantage benefit make m,u,s,l,i,m people a little worse in eyes of world create havoc for excuse to gain more land in west bank and elsewhwere they need 'protection' make themselves out to be victim to rest of world whatever
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            canadian woman from canada
pauline. i and my wife both travel by tube, and neither of us has any plans in stopping doing so just like the 8 million others who work in the capital. you are so patently not from my country as your general points of view show. vienna ring any bells? like i said to you before in another thread, if you think we will be moved by the threat posed by some small minded extremists, then you'd better think again. keep your in the sand pauline, its probably best for you there.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         Will from London
no not yet its a bit hard to take that last step but she warned me she would not wait more than the persian new year.yes may be you are correct let time decide what happens i guess we would be prepared.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         Packman from Iran
i like how pal joe zebra blames israel for the crime & then says by the why we are looking for six pakistanis in connection with bombing. why not look for mossad agents if israel is behind it. i guess the six paks work for the mossad.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          BRYAN from USA
will, several peeple in the company i wrok for have resigned sicne 7 7, in fact we have 4 people leaving this month who as a result of the terror provoked by bliar no longer feel safe, so quit talking poop. our receptionist delevers our post 4 hours late cos sahe won't get on a packed bus in rush hour, these handful of exteemists have succeeded in disrupting ordinary londoners lives and will prpbably continue to do so until liar bliar acknowledges the errors of his ways and unleashes himself from his doninatrix master grubby shrubby, will, i'm not in vienna i'm in london, last time i was in vienna was on a stopover from thailand 2 years ago, will, will ypu be attending the peace vigil in stockwell tonight to end this madness and demand our troops are brought home immediately, are you for peace or not, gi joey from toys r us, just zip your fat american lip as nobody wants to hear your verbal poop. in fact gi joke go play in the speeding trafic in the fast lane on the highway
Bad Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         pauline from uk
dont be daft when blair and bush say to not let terrorists stop our way of life to not let them defeat us they dont refer to public continue using public modes of transportation well of course they do want us to continue but dont be so naiive they speak of their definition terrorists my definition freedom resistance fighters in mideast successfully turning off the taps that would change our lives
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            canadian woman from canada
pauline, it is a good thing you were not around during the blitz. if you think you are scared now. get yourself a giant pacifier. chamberlin would be proud of your belly up attitude. your fighting the wrong people. blair wants to preserve your life. your wahabists heros are happy to take it from you. it would only be a matter of time, that they, meaning extremists would exert pressure on britian for not being as they are. this is about intolerance and until you understand that basic point, you will continue to be in the stratosphere. have a good time at the vigil.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          Mark from Detroit
another plausable theory. zion is a planet on the outer rim of our solar system, but it became to cold for goz to live there, so they have invaded earth to take it over. gooz use mini nukes to propell thier space craft, they keeled me when i was a boy during an abduction attempt, then reincarnated me so i could tell the story and warn earth of the invasion. the mossad controll the rotation of the earth they have tilted the planet out of its axis and have cause global warming. they are controlling my mind making me write this.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                             ethoman from usa
mark that is my thoughts precisely, and the reason why pauline sounds as much of an e nglish citizen as emperor ming was. truly pathetic. we used to intern people like you in prison camps in the 1940s.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         Will from London
definitely work of israel. israeli army has history of bombing sinai region. egypt t do similar act and blow up a hotel in tel aviv. tit for tat, eye for eye. de.ath to israel. hitler is my hero
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           jc from usa
yes the mossad could be behind the attacks. the muppetts could be behind the attacks. the international club of women h ate ers club could be. it could be poltergeists it could be the illuminati. but its not its the usuall suspects. the ones who want the greater and lesser de ad.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           david from usa
the goos and the mossad again? wow, the "me" sure doesnt give itself very much credit. this constant blame of israel for everything just makes them look that much smarter and more organized than the whole of the "me". take responsibilities for your actions is the first step in self recognition. with that step, eventually self reliance will take over. the best possible thing for all of the citizens of the "me".
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                             who cares from waste of time
i would like someone to please answer this question is it true that on september eleven american people who worked at the wtc took the day off?? now please if someone is going to answer this do it with facts and not with propa means or assumptions.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            jalid from colombia
will from london, its easy for liar bliar to request londoners to go about there daily lives as if nothing has happend afterall its not bliar who has to brave the public transport system in rush hour or at any other time for that matter, oh no, liar bliar has an armoured car and armed escorts accompanying him to his nice secure office whilst other members of his family wouldn't be caught ded on the public transport system. its the ordinary people of londom who are suffering because of flawed foreign policies and double standards, bliar has put us all in danger and we will remain in danger until he does the right thing which is what the intelligence services told him to do and that was not get involved in iraq or his people in the uk would suffer, well we are suffering and we want our troops home and all ties with the lunatic in the madhouse severed. then and only then will be safe from the monster bliar has enleashed on us by being a good little poodle for his master
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         pauline from uk
in dubio pro reo please. no evidence up to now for this theory. compared for example to some sarajewo bombs in the nineties with still unproven serb origin, i estimate that doubt was much more opportune. study chronology, context and immediate effect.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            dubio from ch
no one has answered my question yet? how much do you have to pay a mossad agent to get him to carry out a suicide attack? also, i'm glad to know that pauline thinks that the uk's foreign policy should be dictated by terrorists. puts everything she says in perspective. you are a very good little dhimmi pauline.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           LANCE ARMSTRONG from TEXAS
i see the long standing arab tradition of denying blame and false accusations is still the popular choice among the m . so many people seek this sort of coverage it's a wonder if the truth will ever be accepted. my guess is that it never will be, sadly.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Steve from USA
from experience their is an old fact. if you negotiate with terrorist and submit to terrorists, they will do it again and again. so in fact it is war against a country with out going to war. this will not do. in fact i urge all to not participate in if you do you will be targeted. dont buy the recordings, dont donate money, dont donate your sons. if you get involved you may be in trouble.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            GI .JOE from U.S Glorious A.
hey i heard the mossad infiltrated the ms lm world a long time ago and managed to trick many that being terrorists and especially suicide bombing was a noble idea, so that for one they would kll themselves off and the us and isreal would have excuses to attack them. another reason is to discredit ezlam. who knew how well their idea would work.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Candace from USA
yes pauline, im sure all brits would like to do exactly as the terrorists would like them to. just cut and run. appea t always works. lol. continue to place your hed in the sand, it just exposes your most intelligent body part for a good swift k i c k. btw, not sure what type of company you work for, but it sounds like many of your orkers have the same lack of backbone you have. all of my many friends in london tell me it business as usual. their basic response to the people who attacked london. "f" them. just like my friends in nyc said after 911. trying times bring out the best and worst in individuals. guess which one it brings out in you? its defintely not the former.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                             who cares from waste of time
this is the act of mossad. now pakistanis beware of the wicked tricks of the zionists lobby. remember in new zealand mossad zionists drama. it is easy to get some paid afghanis and make them disappear or double cross them and leave some pakistani passports. general pervez should make urgent steps and personally call hosni mubarak and instruct the egyptian authorities not to harass pakistanis because they will shoot a brazilian instead. time has come that pakistan should ignore appeasing g w bush and instead call on that swine to address the israeli withdrawal from palestine call on that swine g w bush to exit from iraq and afghanistan. call on that swine bush to pressurise india on withdrawing its forces from kashmir. call on that swine bush to..
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          Abdul Mateen from India
pauline, in case you have forgotten, this country is a democracy and one which recently voted tony blair in for his 3rd term of office. if the majority of people in this country didnt back him, he would no longer be in power. ps. this country is a democracy because our forefathers fought for it to stay that way. you say we should leave iraq and then things will be all ok again what did egypt do pauline? i have nothing more to say to you, as you patently cannot see the wood for the trees. if you are e nglish, then i am ashamed of you.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         Will from London
actually, it was the aborigines from australia working with the penguins from the antartica that were responsible for this explosion. now it could have been martians, too. we are just not sure. it has to be anyone but m,usl,im extremist. surely we can not have someone of one faith exterminating someone of the same faith.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Luke from Georgia
lets keep the tradition of hiding the in the sand and teh outsider blame game instead of facing the face of blind hatered among us
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Samy from USA
will from london, pull your woolley out of your back side and quit being a member of the brainwashed flock your only making yourself look more of an than you already are. bliar did not have the majority of the votes and if you do some research you will know that, yes will, if the uk stops assisting the usa in slaughtering innocent people in the middle east then the minority of extremists will stop taking revenge on the people of london, i do not want my tax money being spent on the slaughter if innocent people, do you not get it will, we kill them they retaliate and kill us and bliar was warned tis would happen but he went ahead anyway like the good little poodle he is even when his own gov ministers were resigning in protest he still went ahead, wshen 2 milion people demonstrated against the war he still went ahead cos he is t submit to his master or get the whipping of a lifetime, bliar is a disgrace and should be tried for crimes against the iraqi and afghani people
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         pauline from uk
sad part about this story is that millions of this faith easily believe this duhng. now for each excuse or lye, many thousands dye. lets try packmans plan, see how it works. its laughable how some say how peaceful and without terrorists before two thousand the me was. these people have been slawtering each other for centuries, the reason obl is a hero was he didnt, but now they are back to the same old warfare they have known for centuries. save the persians, release them and support them against criminal supporters and terrorists, lol. by the way, has their ever been a persian sewercider?
Bad Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            Alaskaman from alaska, usa
will, what did the people of egypt do, a bit like the people of london they are paying the price for having a poodle as there leader, mubarrak is another canine who likes to dominated by his masters in the madhouse against the wishes of the majority of the egyptian people, i will keep an open mind on who bombed egypt, it could any one of many groups who want to cause strife and mossad is not excluded form those groups. will, please pull that empty shell that houses your miniscule brain from your rear end and stop being such a wooley backed brainwashed sheep, one day you will wake up but then i doubt it as you sound as like the type of creature who is beyond help, grow up or chut up
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         pauline from uk
pauline, why do you think the "minority of extremists" who are intent on punishing london for supporting the war in iraq chose to wait until now to do it? when the bombs were dropping, we heard nary a peep from your extremist heroes. it is only now that a secular, democratically elected government is in formation in iraq that these terrorists are murdering british citizens. could their agenda more than just a response to the s of iraqi civilians?
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            Alex from USA
i refer to ""pauline from uk". good day i understand taht london or england is no more safe. you remember i doubted from the first hours taht it was c old b l ooded murder amy be a racial keeling. i was of course right. even a police d o not keel a terrorist in this way who is just cornered and on the ground. did you hear bbc taht british police trained brasilian police but british police has no crediblity now. people like us is outraged by the blunder of the br. police. i feel a life is spoiled totally to save a life. and about the incident police lied too much from the beginning and i persoanally believe taht that police man reserve to be shot ddeead. because the police man has shot d ad taht "k r e stian brasilian " like an thought taht he is an asian m oua zaluim.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           DR.khan h from nederland
john in nevada,the mystery is not going to be solved. the fbi that you are talking about has their way of deceiving you ppl. in the west .check their logo the pyramid and the one eye will tell your their position unless you are one of them the eluminaties
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            sito from Nigeria
"we jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. we will forever destroy because we want a world of our own." you gentiles, by author maurice samuels, p. 155 .
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           WHISTLEBLOWER from England
from un named sources, israeli government has been fined seventy two fantasy vorgins and one million acres of land belonging to martians for causing the blawm craters recently discovered covering the entire moons surface. a retired scientific expert says that who else would benefit from the giant crater sized cheese bawls but israel, they stole this cheese and have no rights to kepp it. off the record, the arab league says that within, well some time, perhaps tomorrow, maybe fifty years, they will show the world evidence that the craters believed to be on eight additional un named planets in our solar system have all the marks of the israeli cheese squators evul crater cheese bawl harvesting.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            CheeseBawls from MoonCraters
it is never wrong to suspect everyone and via of elimination they may as well start with suspect number one thereby saving themselves time and money
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            canadian woman from canada
hi alaskaman how is youre kid hope he enjoys the clean alaskan air.carter once said iran was the nd of stabilty in the midle of a dangrous region and thats because the people are totally diferent from their neighbours and the region.i guess iran could do the a lot of good if we relax a bit and the west is a bit more understanidng i think it could be the solutionto this problem iran has enough power and potential to be a regional power that can be counted on.a reporter once was asked by the former shah of iran why do you critisize me in the western papers i try to value democracy and you dont do it to saddam who is an open despot and the reporter said to the shah because the persians understand the diference btween democracy and despotism the arabs dont.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         Packman from Iran
khan, again, if we were to apply your logic across the board then would it be fair to say that the mu2rderer of van gogh should be shot deade as well? semper fi
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         zeek from usa
so is this the same vicious pauline that is scared now? the same one that makes jokes at those that lose their heds. calls them ice lollys and has a good laugh over it. and now your scared and frightened that something might happen to you or someone you work with. i have no sympathy for you, because i have read your posts and they en me.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Dwain from usa
will london, good thing she wasn't around. i believe you want peace as i do but how many cheeks can be turned. could you imagine where great britian would be today if america ered over the loses of it's civilian merchant sailors during the late thirties and the early forties? six thou sand american civilians deied in the atlantic. that woman would be speaking german if america was to do back then what she wants now. my thoughts are with you will and all brits, even the misguided ones.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          Mark from Detroit
this just in. woody alen was seen wearing a penguin suit in egypt 3 days ago. he is a mossad agent posing as french goodwill envoy. he was wearing a mini explosive divice like those seen on the movie predator. the predators are also mossad agents, who gave woody allen this technology. reports say they could hear the meniachal laghter of woody alen as the countdown sequence began.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                             ethoman from usa
from un named sources, israeli government has been fined seventy two cheese bawls and one million pairs of duhng beetul sandals for causing the blawm holes in the earths ozone layer. the astronomical research and bubble gum testing division of the arab league stated within hours, well a few weeks, for sure by end of century, they will present evidence that israelis have harvested the ozone layer. the source, molla bubble gummer himself, i dont know why they did but look they stole the sun today there is nothing but white above. israeli government officially gave no comment, but one high ranker mumbled, listen to the arabs, what fantasy they promote surely they are on drugs, therefore it is only right that our people be allowed free partying with ozonecaine.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            BubbleGum from Ozonecaine
refe to ""zeek from usa". io thinkl van g o g h was a terrorist and he terrorised m ouazaluim and ee zlum and he virtually r a p ed eezlam. that shooter was not a police man he was just a individual. as he has gone out of dutch law so he committed a crimes and he is in jail that only i can say about him i mean taht shooter m oh a mad b. we m oua zaluim think taht van gogh was a criminal but that brasilian is a not guilty k restian and he did not deserved it by no way. and tat r a bbit like keller police man,,.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Dr.khan h from nederland
khan, you make no sense whatsoever. who says that van gogh was a terorist, you? you keep on using a double standard to justify your b2iased views. van gogh was not a terrorist khan, he was a movie maker who simply criticized your religion. you are indeed a hypocrite khan, i am glad that you understand that perfectly. semper fi.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          zeek from usa
could you explain us how the hell could one see the plate of the car exploded destroying itself and one hotel filled with people?
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          SAID from HG
packman, son is fine and enjoying the clean air and the occasional mosquito, thanks for asking. im having a good laugh today reading this fantasy of a story. interesting, dont see many people from iran backing up this doozie. is it true the average persian has 67 point higher iq than ruling class or western arab refuges. good story your last post and true. also fits todays theme by this place of anything they can make up they will use. still have the usuals arriving to make excuses, like writer should be kealled for bad words about the faith. dr kahnman always the educated hipocrit, still cant justify this, nice try with the ray, ping of a belief he used though, kahnman how is that done anyway, is there witnesses, torn cloth uh paper maybe. keep them coming, its monday and with all the bad in the world at least we can laugh at the resident apologists and swallowers of innuendo.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            Alaskaman from alaska, usa
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